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Jul 2018


Custom made murals, backsplashes, tableau's for kitchens
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Custom made handpainted murals & backsplashes

personalized kitchen art and design, absolute unique mural or backsplash tailor-made for your location.

All these murals have their story. The first is Fata Morgana, a cityscape filled with shared memories of traveling, cities and animals, second : cascade, a mural with a bare breasted lady lying on her back transforming the surroundings and herself into a fabulous natural zone, Dream 001; a naked sleeping beauty, while she falls asleep, she starts to see the patterns, they mix up with pieces of reality and dreaming creating a timeless landscape where gravitation as we know it does not exist. The joy of cooking, about energy and dedication in food and the journey of recipes. My cup of tea, a small kitchen for a psychologists practice, inspirated by Rorschach and Alices mad hatters tea party. Robin & Merel, kitchenwall and fireplace in one, tiled with personal stories on the kitchenside. Movies, with a.o. Audrey Hepburn throwing gasoline and other tiles based on motion pictures, mural based on the collection found in the empty house. Forgotten Vegetables, rising up from the stove and flying away through the extractor hood. Fish, needs no explanation. Green plant kitchen for garden lovers. Poppy kitchen, with a girl telling a story of butterflies, moths, bearded dragon and grasshopper.