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Jan 2016


traditional used fireplaces, with wood stoves, former fireplaces used a a space for tiles, chimneys
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Custom made tiles for special places, you see from left to right: the Japanese textile motifs painted on handmade tiles ( 11 x 11 cm ) for a house close to the Sieboldmuseum, Leiden. Butterflies and caterpillar for a bedroom. Coral, lemon and orange tree with birds for the living room. Animals behind the stovepipe, a Delfts blue fireplace for expats returning to Washington after years in Holland, a booklovers chimney in an eco farmhouse painted in natural wood colors. Two ladies dressed in gown made of, among other things, fishes, flowers, leaves, seaweeds, shells, snakes, patterns, in this piece of 2009 I tried to reduce the human parts to a minimum, to see what it needs to make a picture a portrait; only the hands and eyes - and not even all.