José den Hartog Drawing on ceramics

Art for daily life

After finishing my study drawing, printing and painting at the Royal Academy of Arts, I started to draw on ceramics, partially because of the love for tiles and tableware, but also because of the belief that art should be by all means present in daily life, as it can hold memories, desires and time and give it back when you need it.

Every mural is a unique piece designed for that particular location and/or the residents/users of the buildings, the biscuit-fired tiles are handpainted with underglaze, like cobaltoxide, glazed and fired a second time at 1060 degrees, and tiled by local craftsmen.

The plates are also handpainted single pieces. Some elements on commissioned work, like logos and text, are done using ceramic transfers.

Custom-made ceramics for special places; to reflect, to dream, to remember, or just to enjoy.