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Jun 2019

Bathrooms & Lavatories

Custom made murals and tiles for showers and bathrooms, full-sized walls or small pieces for subtile accents.
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art on tiles

Bathroom with fish and jellyfish, bubbles transforming in colorfull pattern on the right side of the room, a bath with waves inspired by iznik pattern, mural beside the bath ; neptunes world, inspired by etchings in the collection of Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, bathroom and shower on a houseboat. Handmade tiles with real and fantasy sea creatures based on ancient etchings and prints for a 17ht century buiding whith original seacreature tiles in the kitchen. Wasbassins for the Dialogues House, Amsterdam. small murals in a beton ciré wall in a shower. playing puti's above a bath

handpainted tiles allow you to be surrounded by art even in the bathroom and smallest room